Rose flower with cucumber

Hi!Making Rose flower with cucumber is simple,yet beautiful.This is will be perfect for garnish.

How to do?
1.Cut the cucumber with knife into circles(very thin and uniform).

2. Arrange them as shown above.

3.Rotate them from down to top.(including all the slices)

5.Finally set it on slice of cucumber or any dish.The bottom should be that it can stand.(So cut at the bottom its of your choice).

You can do it with other vegetables like radish,carrot(if it is big)the same way.

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Watermelon Basket

Watermelon can be a beautiful fruit basket.

Wants to surprise the family..??Make special for the treat or party....??
For all these questions one answer....fruit basket.Easy to do.
Wants to learn...??
Good luck!


Step 1.

To stand without moving make a cut at the bottom.

Step 2.

Take a marker and draw the part of the handle and the cutting part so that it will be easy to do.
Cut the watermelon as

Step 3.

Carefully cut the middle part of the melon.

Step 4.

Take out the watermelon using a scoop.
Design it.

step 5.

Fill the basket with fruits.

Your Beautiful watermelon basket is ready.

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Making a Rug

Hi!Wants to make something from scratch....??Wants to try something new in the home......??We feel good when we make something own and look at it. Then lets join in "Making Rag Rugs" which is easy to do and have an different experience...

I would like to share my rug which i made from scratch(recycled clothes).I tried with two night pants(S size) and made 1 medium size rug and 1 very small size as shown above. whatever you take, the cloth should be strong i mean when you cut the cloth into long strips of 1 inch width the threads of the cloth  should not come out.

You can make different shapes too like oval,round,square,hexagon..i tried only oval and round...
I thought of explaining but posting the videos could be more better.So i am providing the link of 'six great series on you tube" from which i learned and tried is given above.That shows how easily these can be made.
In the videos the girl used some instrument but you can do it even with safety pin which is in bigger size.

Wants to try....??click here
Have fun...

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