fruit theme glass painting on frame

After i started glass painting i always wanted to try different and new designs to my decor this time i wanted to make fruit basket theme in my dining.i took the picture from color pages and added grape wine as border.
It looks wonder in both natural light and artificial light.I couldnt capture the right shine of the painting in light.

1st two pictures are taken in day light.and next two are in night light( bulb).

sunflower glass painted vase

Sometimes when we think of one colour we remember few things.same way when i think of yellow first thing strikes my mind is sunflower.All my living room filled with shades of brown, green and yellow..So i was thing to paint a vase in yellow i started with sunflower ends up this way,which added beauty to my living room.

used transparent colors of brown,shades of yellow,shades of green and gold outline.