Weave modeled Vase

I always wants to try out something from recycle products.This will be one of my favorite project.BUT this is not my own creation it was inspired from jeromina her blog carries wonderful crafting ideas,travel adventures etc
I am linking all the complete details about this project here

My project pics

And my final product is...

I placed over my pooja mandir cupboard. 

Hope you  enjoyed it!!
Happy Creating & Crafting!!

Lord Ganesha/Ganapathi - Glass Painting

This is my 2nd glass paiting which i tried the outcome was good .I am happy with it..

What you need?
Liner - Black
Aluminium Foil

How to do?
1.1.Put the pattern under the glass and tape it.
2.Trace the pattern on the glass with liner(black).Let it dry completely.
3.Fill the colours with a tool
4.3.After filling the colours let it dry finally add strained glass look with a "Gallery glass (here i used yellow colour)".It has more colours...Once you applied it will be in yellow colour slowly after drying it turns into transparent yellow colour.
4.Take an aluminium foil fold it like a crush.and later later open.

5.Cut that foil into glass shape and place it back.Ii gives shiny background.
Ready to place it on your wall and beauty to the place.

Entry for 
Entry for  Crafty JC Challenge#11 "Pick your Palette"I have chosen Green,yellow(palette #1).

Glass Painting - hanging

Finally after a lot of study,Today i did glass painting.This is my first one so will be favorite one...:)
few things to note would like to share with you...

What You need?
Liner - Black

How to do?
1.Put the pattern under the glass and tape it.
2.Trace the pattern on the glass with liner(black).Let it dry completely.

3.Fill the colours with a tool.
3.After filling the colours let it dry finally add strained glass look with a "Gallery glass (crystal clear colour)".It has more colours...Once you applied it will be in white colour slowly after drying it turns into transparent colour.

Linking this to "CraftRoomChallenge" 

Gift Card

I love greeting card from my childhood as usual i used to make lot of greeting cards with just simple paper,sketches for my teachers,frnds etc....when i go to shopping i attract to greeting cards.Now After long back today i prepared a gift card holder with simple decoration.
This card i prepared for my best frnd "son birthday"as usual as he is a boy i decorated with theme of blue...
may be not sooo cute but not bad tooo....:)
i am trying to explain how the holder is made.

here the flower acts as a lock...
How to do?
1. Take a card stock/thick paper(I used card stock).Draw with a marker of 1/4inch lines right & left corners.Cut as per ur draw except the last part which has be folded to make a holder.

2. Fold the uncut paper.

3. Fold up and stick with glue and the pocket is formed to hold the gift card.

This is the basic form for gift card.Now ur creative part starts.....
I prepared a flower so that it can act as a lock.(stick the half of the flower with glue,so that the other half can be as lock so that the cover can go down the flower).
paper ribbon etc

My First Basket

I like baskets...But never tried..This was my first basket so easy to make and added colourful to my space..hope u like it tooo...Here i used construction paper to prepare a basket.

Things to make
Construction paper

2 sheets 9x12-inch orange construction paper(you can use any of your choice)
3 sheets 9x12-inch brown construction paper 
5-inch paper cut plate

How to?

1.Cut 8 strips of orange construction paper, each 12 inches long and 3/4 inch wide. With 2 pieces of the brown construction paper, glue the 12-inch-long edges of the pieces together (overlap the edges a little). After the glue has dried, cut 4 strips 16 inches long and 1/2 inch wide.

2.Glue 2 orange strips together at the middle to form a cross. Do this with all the other red strips until you have 4 red crosses. Place the 4 crosses on top of each other,evenly. Glue them in place  they should look like a star.

3. Use the 5-inch plate to draw a circle on the other piece of red construction paper. Cut out the circle, and glue it to the center of the star. This forms the bottom of your basket. Fold the rays of the star up at the edge of the circle.
4. Weave the brown strip over and under the rays all the way around. and glue the ends of the brown strip together. Hold ends together until glue begins to dry. Repeat with remaining beige strips. Push brown strips close together before gluing. 

5.Cut an orange strip of round length and stick with a glue one strip from inside and one from outside.
6.Cut a strip of brown colour to make a handle.Apply glue at the ends of the strip and place the strip in between the basket weave.

&.Now its your turn to decorate it...I made a paper ribbon and flowers and a love symbol shaped photographed hanging.

It added colour to my Tv stand..

Hope You like it....


How to grow Methi leaves/Fenugreek in balcony

Hi! Growing methi is easy and fun to grow in the patio/balcony.It hardly takes 2 weeks to grow leaves and ready to use.I used the parcel boxes which comes with cakes,cookies when we buy.You can grow methi from early spring to late fall.

Things you need
Fenugreek seeds/methi seeds
Pot mix
pot/aluminium tray,unsed plastic boxes or any..

How to?
First take the pot or Aluminium tray or Ziploc Box
Make holes to all corners to out the water.
WIth the help of Match box to make holes or using knife.Now it is ready for planting.

Fill pot mix upto 3/4th of the pot/box.
Methi/Fenugreek seeds are seeded densely.
Fill the pot mix again on top as layer.and sprinkle water.

Maintain the soil moisten all time..
after 3 days you can see them germinating..
after 1 week - 10days they look like this..
Enjoy!!! the fresh methi leaves...
Thanq for watching the blog,any comments are appreciated.

Vegetable Hut

Generally Hut is a small and crude shelter.Every child draws 2windows,1door and a top to make a hut.This is the same hut but using some simple veggies from our home.i saw in a Tv show.Liked it so gave a try.
Making this is very simple...especially kids will love making it!
let begin how to do it.

Sorakaya/Bottle gourd
Brinjal/egg plant
Corn hair

How to do?
Step 1.
Cut the Bottle gourd into half.(Take either the upper part or lower part which is good in shape of a hut)

Step 2.
Cut the eggplant/brinjal in the shape of windows and door.as shown above.

Step 3.
Fix the cut parts on bottle gourd with help of tooth pics.

Step 4.
Take the corn hair and tie at the end of the hair.

Step 5.
Take that corn hair and make it set on top of the bottle gourd.

Your Beautiful Hut is ready...

Thanq for watching the blog,any comments/feedback are appreciated.If tried happy to know the outcome.
Happy Carving!