Lord Ganesha/Ganapathi - Glass Painting

This is my 2nd glass paiting which i tried the outcome was good .I am happy with it..

What you need?
Liner - Black
Aluminium Foil

How to do?
1.1.Put the pattern under the glass and tape it.
2.Trace the pattern on the glass with liner(black).Let it dry completely.
3.Fill the colours with a tool
4.3.After filling the colours let it dry finally add strained glass look with a "Gallery glass (here i used yellow colour)".It has more colours...Once you applied it will be in yellow colour slowly after drying it turns into transparent yellow colour.
4.Take an aluminium foil fold it like a crush.and later later open.

5.Cut that foil into glass shape and place it back.Ii gives shiny background.
Ready to place it on your wall and beauty to the place.

Entry for 
Entry for  Crafty JC Challenge#11 "Pick your Palette"I have chosen Green,yellow(palette #1).