Rose flower with cucumber

Hi!Making Rose flower with cucumber is simple,yet beautiful.This is will be perfect for garnish.

How to do?
1.Cut the cucumber with knife into circles(very thin and uniform).

2. Arrange them as shown above.

3.Rotate them from down to top.(including all the slices)

5.Finally set it on slice of cucumber or any dish.The bottom should be that it can stand.(So cut at the bottom its of your choice).

You can do it with other vegetables like radish,carrot(if it is big)the same way.

Thanq for watching my blog,any comments are appreciated.If tried,try to give your feedback.

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  1. I love the cucumber rose and the step by step instructions do send it to Create n Carve Fruit and Vegetable evenr June.

  2. Looking very cool, thanks for the step by step instructions. Will definitely try the cucumber rose.

    Yum! Yum! Yum!